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Collecting Money

SNAP! Raise Fundraiser

11/17/23, 6:00 PM

The LCMA is running a SNAP! Raise fundraiser to raise funds for several performing arts projects.

SNAP! Raise fundraising needs little introduction here in our city of La Center. However, the platform has largely been used for supporting our high school athletic programs. The LCMA had the opportunity to run a SNAP! Raise fundraiser for HS band and choir, MS band and choir and the MS Drama department.

The needs of the band, choir, and middle school drama programs have grown as our community has grown. Donations will allow us to provide funding necessary to create a great environment for our programs and students to flourish.

Donations will be used to fund projects at both the middle and high school levels. Projects include subsidizing the HS band trip, replacement of the 20 year old MS choir robes, funding for MS drama projects, and more! 


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