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LCMA Project Initiatives

This page lists the aspirations and undertakings of the association for FY23

Image by Katt Yukawa

More Fundraising

The LCMA is initiating more fundraising projects and partnering with more sponsors.

Sound Equipment

LCHS Sound System

The LCMA would like to help replace and update the current sound system at the HS. 

Playing Guitar for Money

Scholarship Additions

In FY22, the LCMA awarded just over $4k in Scholarships. Our goal for FY23 is $9k.

Illustrated Musical Instruments

HS & MS Band Projects

FY23 initiatives include financial support for a concert band trip and new instruments. 

Theater Group

LCMS Drama Project

The LCMS Drama program is in need of black out curtains for the windows in the auditorium. 


HS & MS Choir Projects

The MS Choir needs new robes and the HS Choirs need access to performance clothes. 

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